Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pin 2

Today I went with hair again--well, sort of. I crafted a new headband to wear in my hair. I had pinned this a while back.

My experience:  As the title says, this was super easy. Mine was not exactly like theirs, but it still turned out great. I was able to use leftover scraps from other projects. My elastic was wider than the tutorial so I didn't have the tapered ends, but I just made the whole thing a little narrower so it wasn't necessary to taper.

 The only thing I might change next time is that I would probably cut an additional piece to cover the elastic. Or maybe find elastic that is my hair color or closer to the fabric color. I just felt the white was so starkly white.
The finished product.
 My favorite part of the headband was that I got to wear it with my new turquoise necklace my friend made me for my birthday, which I happen to LOVE. I wish you could see it in this picture, but my arms aren't long enough to show it to you.
Total time: It took me 30 min but I had some serious mechanical failures with the sewing machine initially, so I'll say next time it will probably be more like 17.

Total cost: $0

Final verdict: I will most likely do this again. I can see myself using up scraps this way. And as I was digging through my scrap bag I found lots of fabrics that I wondered how they would hold up to this treatment, rather than the regular cotton blend I used here. Also, totally gift-able. Maybe you will get one for your birthday!

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