Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Tutorial to refashion men's shirt to peasant blouse at http://www.madebylex.com/2009/07/peasant-blouse-refashion-tutorial.html

After begging my husband for a week to find me an old shirt to have I broke down and spent $2.99 at Goodwill to buy my own. Turns out that was probably a better idea anyway because then I started with a much smaller shirt (I bought M, he would have given me L or XL). I would have had to take in the sides some with any larger shirt. I used some scrap fabric for the sleeve cuffs. Here is what I started with:

I followed the directions which were very easy and 45 minutes later I was done! It surprised me how fast it was. I started with short sleeves so I was able to skip that step which I am sure shaved off some time. This is my finished project!

Not my greatest fashion piece, but it is very comfortable and looks a bit nicer than just tossing on a t-shirt. It is the stripes that aren't speaking to me. Even with the medium shirt it is almost too baggy for my preference in the back. You could put elastic in the sleeve cuffs if you didn't want to put fabric cuffs on and it would still be cute and give them that blousy look.

Total time: 45 minutes

Total cost: $2.99

Final verdict: If I find a shirt fabric that I love, I may do it again.

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