Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pin 6

Time for a holiday treat! The original pin:

The Ultimate Spritz

I got a new cookie press recently (which is a story in itself) right near a holiday in which I had volunteered to bring treats for school to Will's class for Valentine's Day. What better time to try it out?

The recipe is basically just butter with a few other items to hold it all together so of course it is going to be delicious.  Since this is not about the cookie press I am not going to go into how it kept flipping the breaker or how my husband kept snickering at my frustration with the dang thing. I think that the dough was a bit too thick for my electric cookie press. It is probably fine for a manual press, but my electric one nearly bit the dust with this recipe.

My plan was to make little heart cookies and top with red sprinkles before baking.  However, after finally making a sheet of acceptable cookies the sprinkles wouldn't stick.  I read somewhere that I could lightly brush the dough with water to make sprinkles stick but brushing 90-some-odd cookies with water just didn't sound appealing at 11 pm.  For the second batch I decided to just load the sprinkles into the press with the dough. I alternated while filling the press dough-sprinkles-dough-sprinkles-etc. I was using the colored sugar-type of sprinkles and I wasn't expecting it, but they sort of started to dissolve in the dough while being mashed through the cookie press. It resulted in a marbled effect that I really liked.

I don't really have a good close-up picture of the marble-y finished product but you can kind of see it in the pictures above. 

So after finally pulling together my technique with the cookie press I ended up with a delicious batch of melt-in-your mouth buttery spritz cookies.  I actually made them two days before his party so the giant bag of cookies had to stare me in the face all day Monday every time I walked through the kitchen.  A class of twelve 2 year-olds did not need 90 cookies so of course the boys and I sampled a few here and there.  (We had to make sure to eat all the misshapen ones)

Total time: 1 1/2 hours

Total cost: $2.99 for red sugar crystals. All other ingredients I already had on hand

Final Verdict: Yes! Delicious! But I will only make them when I have an event or person to share them with because I would eat them all!

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