Wednesday, October 24, 2012

T-shirt Makeover

The other day I was wearing the Peasant Shirt I made back at Pin 16.
I was thinking how easy it was and it really is a very comfortable shirt to wear. Then, like a lightening bolt, it hit me. Jersey knit. Let's make it from a t-shirt. I love, love, love t-shirt makeovers!

My favorite place to buy cheap t-shirts is at my favorite local dollar store. Availability is scattered, so if I see one in a color or size I like I usually just grab it.

I dug a black 2XL sized t-shirt out of the stash and went to work.
I cut a wide scoop neck from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. I also put a rolled hem on the sleeves.
I don't know why this picture looks so wrinkly. It wasn't that wrinkly.
I finished off the edge of the neck and then folded and pressed it under to create a casing. I threaded some 1/4 in baby elastic through the neck line (around 28 inches) and sewed it shut. After trying it on, I added a rolled hem to the bottom. I put it on and started creating looks. Look at all the ways I came up with to wear it:
Just on it's own. Relaxed fit, soft comfy jersey.
Spicing it up with some off the shoulder action!

I grabbed a black sash (back from Pin 132) :
Sash low on the hips

Sash at the waist, off the shoulder sleeves

Highest, empire waist, sash tied in the back
 Ahh! So many things to do with this one!

Total cost: $1

Total time: 45 minutes

Final verdict: Easy, breezy and versatile. I just got 5 looks for a dollar!


  1. Super cute! I need to do some t-shirt makeovers. I am too chicken to do it on my current shirts, so I love the idea of getting a cheap shirt to experiment.

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  3. Really nice idea for only a buck