Friday, October 26, 2012

Pin 146

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I had a friend in need of some cheering up and just some all-around positive energy. This pin came to mind.

I headed out to one of my favorite bargain stores and scoured the shelves for yellow! Here is what I came home with:
Yellow butterfly sunglasses, Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman's Soul, yellow silly sand, yellow pineapple bubbles, butterfinger, Sunkist Lemon Gummies, Juicy Fruit lip balm.
I also happened to have on hand a special yellow snack cracker that this person likes. I mod podged some yellow scrapbook paper to a mason jar lid and filled it up with the crackers. I couldn't find a good box for this so I went with a bucket. Then I couldn't find a yellow bucket. I went with a pretty blue and filled it with yellow tissue shred.
I packed all the items in the bucket and tied it with a big, yellow, polka dot bow.

Added a little tag to the handle:
And headed out the door to deliver it. Since I had the yellow shred in there and I didn't have a lid I didn't cut out sunshines to top it off with.

Total cost: Not saying--it was a gift!

Total time: 1 hour--shopping, mod-podging, and packing.

Final verdict: It brought a smile to her face--mission accomplished. She texted me later that the bubbles, lip balm, and sunglasses were a hit with the girls and made her day a little easier.

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  1. I actually think the blue is a better choice for the basket; it makes all the yellow items 'pop'. :)