Thursday, October 4, 2012

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I have a couple of people in my life right now that are in need of some cheering up this week.

With a little message tweaking I thought this would be a cute, cheerful gift. I got to the store, though, and couldn't decide between peanut or plain. So I just got both.

Step one: Make a cute little saying and modge podge it to the lid of a mason jar.

I used my favorite alphabet stamps to spell it out on some scrapbook paper. I cut out the circle and mod podged it straight on to the inner lid.

While that was drying, I went on to step two--sorting m&m's by color. I also had some tough decisions to make--one jar of plain, one jar of peanut or mix the two? I decided to keep them separate. Once they were all separated I had to decide on color order. Rainbow was best, but what about brown? Where is brown in the rainbow?? I did the plain first and put brown on the bottom.
Then for peanut I put brown on the top. I like the brown on the top best but I wasn't about to pour all those candies out and resort them just to put brown on top!
Side by side compairison of brown on bottom or top.
Shortly after sorting my mod podge was dry and I popped those lids on, tied a bright, cheery bow, and these puppies are ready to go.

Next step is delivery. One is for someone I don't know terribly well, but I do know she's had a rough week. I think I'll random-act-of-kindness her and just drop it off at her work's front desk. Come to think of it, I might just random-act-of-kindness both of them. I don't think either of them are following me here, so if you see these around town don't let my secret out!

Total cost: $5 total--two jars, two bags of m&m's. By the way, these are pint sized jars and they fit exactly the 12.5 ounce bag (labeled Medium) of m&m's. I was hoping for a few leftovers for me, but I needed every one to fill up the jar!

Total time: 45 minutes

Final verdict: These were easy. You could do this even if you can't craft at all! The lid without a label would still be cute. I think these would be really cute with Skittles too! For holidays, you could by the holiday colored m&m's and layer them. There are endless possibilities! I didn't trust my kids enough to help out and not eat them, but if you trust your kids you could totally put them to work on the sorting part.

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