Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Oops! Looks like I can't count lately. I skipped 142!

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How to draw a detox bath.

I actually had pinned two different sites for detox bath. Both were the same directions. I guess I think I need a lot of detoxing! Lets explore this. What exactly is a detox bath? From what I can find, it is a bath that draws out toxins from your skin, can help with aches, and can improve sleep and energy patterns.

I love a relaxing bath. My plan was to soak in the bath, candles lit, sipping champagne. Sounds relaxing, right? Then I started reading the directions. Apparently you aren't supposed to take IN toxins (ahem, champagne) while you are detoxing. You are supposed to drink lots and lots of water. Dang. Who would have thought detox would be alcohol-free? Oh. . . never mind. No champagne so I gave up on my candles too.

Instead I gathered my detox supplies.
 And read all the safety warnings. Uh oh. I hope not.
Well, here goes nothing. . .
This was hard. I didn't expect it to be hard. For the first 10 minutes or so it was relaxing. And then it got really, really hot. I was sweating--which is the point. But I still had 30 minutes to go! It was like sitting in a sauna. I drank every drop of my 32 ounces of ice water I had taken in with me.  Due to all the warnings on the website, I had jokingly given my husband a heads-up about this pin. "Ha, ha. If you hear a loud crash you might come check on me. Ha, ha, ha."

When I started whining about the time he came to check on me. At 20 minutes left my husband came in and fanned me with a magazine. This is when I started thanking myself for not drinking alcohol and lighting candles. All that extra heat! No, thank you.

At 10 minutes left he brought me a washcloth with ice cubes to put on my forehead.

At 5 minutes left he gave me minute by minute countdown. It was like he was cheering me on through the finish line of a marathon. And, I DID need help getting out. I was lightheaded after all that heat. Warnings noted.

So did I feel detoxified? I don't really feel any different. I don't know what I was expecting, really, but there were no visible toxins in the water. My skin doesn't look or feel significantly different. I didn't lose any weight. My energy level didn't change noticeably from yesterday. My sleep pattern didn't change.

Total cost: $2

Total time: 40 minutes, to the second.

Final verdict: Unless I notice something dramatic in the next day or so, I won't be wasting my time or energy doing this again. Have you done it? Do you notice anything different?  (And in case you were wondering--no laxative effect. Guess that only works if you DRINK the water you're soaking in. . . )

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