Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pin 166 (er. . . 166.5??)

Late edit: I just noticed I have two pin 166's!! I guess this is 166.5? No more drinking and blogging.

Original pin:
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Black bean and corn topped potatoes.

Sounds good and easy for a family dinner. I took another pinner's suggestion and added some bell pepper to the mix. I also prepared my potatoes my new favorite way (Pin 156) rather than the microwave way suggested in the recipe.

I am looking at this picture and noticing that you can't really see that there is anything much more than cheese piled on top of this potato. I promise you it is all there :)
I also snuck in a little sour cream and butter to that potato that you can't see. The items had to be layered appropriately to enhance mixing of flavors. (I'm a little particular about potatoes.) I threw in a little chopped ham on the side for some protein. My men would be bewildered without a little meat on their plate at dinner.

So how was it? It wasn't bad, it just didn't have any wow-amazing-can't-get-enough factor to it. It was not unlike the filling in the wraps from Pin 143--Southwest Chicken Wraps. The topping itself is not too original. Putting it on top of potatoes is the innovative idea. My family didn't care for it. The recipe made a large amount so, unless you have a big crowd to feed, start planning for leftovers. You could serve Southwest Chicken Wraps the next day and add a little shredded or chopped chicken to the mix, serve on top of lettuce as a taco salad type dish, or serve on top of tortilla chips.

Total cost: The only items I had to go out and buy were the bell pepper and the black beans, so I spent around $3.

Total time: Aside from cooking the potato, cooking the topping was quick--20 minutes to chop, mix, heat.

Final verdict: I won't be making this again for potatoes. My family didn't eat much of it and I was stuck with a ton of leftovers to plow through.

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