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A breakfast birthday party. I have quite a few pins for breakfast parties, cute little breakfast-y treats, and pajama party ideas. . . but I used the breakfast theme as inspiration only and developed it out to fit my W.  He would NEVER go for pancakes/donuts/cereal treats in place of a cake loaded with sprinkles. No way. Life as we know it would be over if there was a birthday party without an official cake.

I've known for a while that a breakfast party was the way to go. He is the first one up nearly every day. We have found him on more than one occasion hiding in the pantry in the middle of the night eating cereal straight from the box. His Grandmother started gifting him Froot Loops. Sometime around August I decided it was going to be a Froot Loops party and I began to stockpile party supplies. Froot Loops decor is all things colorful. At the end of the summer season I bought up lots of colorful bowls and cups. Every time cereal was on sale I bought a box or two.

For invitations, we copied a box of Froot Loops and added our own banner to the front. Inside were all the details and a request to the guests to arrive in their PJs.
 I glittered up the "oo"'s.
The menu was cereal, fruit, coffee, juice, pigs in a blanket, and, of course, cake.
 I found some colorful buckets for $1 a piece at the end of summer and use some dollar store ladles as scoops.

All the cereals were circle shaped to serve a dual purpose--craft time!!

Our activity was cereal necklaces. I put out some muffin tins with selections of each cereal. I gave each child a string of yarn and let them go to work.
 W barely finished his before he started eating it! Seemed to be a common problem with this crew. . .
Other games I had brainstormed but we didn't have time for : Pin a tail feather on Toucan Sam, Ring Toss/Hula hooping with hula hoops (or some other type of game using hula hoops--tossing different items into/through hoops), you could create toss games using pool rings as well.

Time for cake! A double layer white cake with every inch covered in rainbow sprinkles. He described it as "my dream come true!!"

A little opening presents and then it was time to go. Each child left with some Froot Loops to go, a straw bowl, and a straw spoon for sipping up that sweet Froot Loop milk.
Stacked together and wrapped up in clear cellophane.

We have been working to finish up all the leftover cereal. I guess I've got him impressed with my superb physical fitness because he is convinced this picture of Kerri Walsh is his mommy.

Total time & cost: ??? I started so many months ago picking up things here and there. I never kept track.

Final verdict: Easy easy party! Menu was easy to pick and easy to serve. Kids were all in a good mood. The weather was beautiful so we were able to throw open the doors and windows and let the kids play out back for a good portion of the day. We were able to feature all his favorite foods!

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