Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pin 170

Original pin:
Use another pair of pants to trace your pattern.

The pin description called this tutorial "one-seam pajama pants" but that was a little misleading. The "one seam" referred to the fact that there is only an inner seam on the leg--not an inner and an outer seam.

As I mentioned on the Facebook page yesterday, the next few posts are going to be projects that have just been hanging around being unfinished. I think we all have THAT project that for one reason or another, just doesn't get done. My big end-of-the-year-beginning-of-the-year blowout is going to be wrapping up a few of these.

Over the SUMMER (!) L-man picked out this fabric he wanted for jammies. It was flannel (hot), I thought I had a pattern for jammies but couldn't find it, I found it but it wasn't his size, . . . lots of excuses. He could see the fabric sitting at eye-level on my craft shelf and kept asking when I was going to make his pajamas. Sheesh.
When I stumbled across this pin not too long ago I decided this would be the way to go with finishing these up.

As true to form, I modified it a teensy-weensy bit. First, I didn't want a different cuff. In making my pattern, I extended the sides and bottom by 1 inch and the waistband by 2 inches (my elastic was 1 1/4 in).  I was using a pair of pants to measure that was almost too small and I wanted roomy, comfy jammies.  When it came time to hem the pants, I finished off the edges on the serger and then folded up a one inch hem. I stitched the serged edge in place and topstitched around the bottom.
Really not much in modifications. It was a good tutorial. It assumes you do know a little about sewing but it has good pictures and is easy enough to follow. It was a great idea. I was a little worried (after I cut of course) about the waistband being wide enough to stretch comfortably.

I wanted to make a top to go with it. L likes his jammies to be a matched set. I grabbed a dollar store t-shirt from my stash. (I grab them whenever I see a size that we use. Can't beat $1 and someone is always needing a t-shirt. I also cut them up and use them for miscellaneous projects. Cheap knit jersey fabric.)  I cut a few spaceships and a Superman logo from the scraps and appliqued them onto the t-shirt using trusty ol' Pin 70.
And it was all ready to go!

This morning when I showed them to him he was so excited! Like Christmas all over again.

Look at this (crazy) happy face:
And they fit PERFECTLY!!
Total cost: I don't remember what I paid for the fabric so many months ago. I am guessing probably around $3. I used one yard and had a little scrap. I probably could have squeezed them out of 3/4 yard but maybe not had an embellished t-shirt to go with it. Add in a dollar store t-shirt for $1 and the entire set is $4. You can't buy jammies for $4!!

Total time: 1 hour for the pants. 30 minutes for the top. Easy peesy lemon squeezy.

Final verdict: I hope the crazy grin on his face tells you! He loved them. I was surprised at how easy they came together. I will totally do this again. How easy would this be to make as a gift (if you had the right size of pants to measure. . . )
Aren't you supposed to have bed head AFTER bed?? Just sayin'.
Love this boy!

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