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Road trip pillow. What a cute idea! I love this idea to have a pocket on the pillow case for carrying around all your things. Especially helpful for road trips and slumber parties, but fun around the house as well!

The original AmazingMae has a tutorial to create the entire thing from fabric, but I stumbled across some white plain pillowcases at the dollar store and decided to take a little shortcut. I thought about how I could attach the handle and came up with three solutions:

1. Rip out a bit of the seam on each end, insert ribbon, stitch closed.

2. Finish edges of ribbon and just sew in place.

But since I had some pretty plain pillowcases to start with, I decided to jazz them up a bit and go with option number three:

3. Full length ribbon on each side.

I didn't take any pictures as I went, so these directions may not make any sense at all--but I'll try. Maybe if you read the instructions and look at the finished pictures together you can make sense of it.

I cut two lengths of ribbon that were twice the width of the pillow case with a little extra for the handle. I layed the case out as a long, flat, rectangle and, starting at the bottom of the pillow case, pinned the ribbon up one side. (Only pin through one side.) I left a length for the handle and then pinned the ribbon down the other end of the pillow case. In essence, the ribbon was making a giant upside down "U". I sewed the ribbon in place. Then I flipped the case over and did the same thing with the second length of ribbon.

For the pocket I used 1/4 yd fabric. I folded it right sides together lengthwise and pressed. I trimmed the edges to make a neat rectangle. I sewed the three open sides shut and left an inch or so to turn. I turned right side out and pressed. Then I topstitched along the top edge of the pocket. I appliqued the initial in place using the same process as in Pin 70. I pinned the pocket in the center of the case and sewed the sides and bottom in place.

I had picked up a two-pack of new pillows at an after-Thanksgiving sale for $10. I put the pillows in and stuck a little stuffed lovey in the pocket and they were ready to gift!

Total time: 1 and 1/2 hours each

Total cost: Including the inside pillow and the lovey they were around $15 each. Dollar store pillow case, less than $1 worth of fabric pocket and a spool of ribbon.

Final verdict: My boys wanted their own when they saw them. The girls loved them and they were great to have on Christmas Eve once the kids went off to watch the Polar Express.

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