Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Smart idea! Write on the washer lid with a dry erase marker to remind you not to toss your "do not dry" items into the dryer.

I grabbed a dry erase marker on laundry day and went to work. Now, I don't have just a whole lot of fine items that can't be dried, but this week I found at least three.  First item into the washer. . .

I actually wrote instructions on the washer just in case someone else in my house might feel like moving laundry to the dryer. Riiiiggghhht. . .  keeping the dream alive. But, guess what didn't go in the dryer? You got it, that white button up shirt with lace, that's what! I hung that shirt up and wiped off the dry erase with a damp cloth.

Here I am. Feeling so awesome and smart that I find just the right spot to store my dry erase marker in the laundry room where I can reach it and remember it. Next up, two sweaters I picked up a the thrift store for some upcycling later this week. Into the washer you both go! Green sweater, brown sweater scrawled across the top of the washer.

Guess what. Neither of them go in the dryer either! Touchdown dance! Now to just wipe it off. . . maybe this cloth isn't wet enough. . . maybe some Windex? . . . soak for an hour with bleach??!?!?!
After all that I still have this reminder:

Here is my theory:

While I do try to keep a tidy home, I probably only clean the washer top every six months or so. There was probably some degree of build up of lint and detergent, and who knows what else on the top of the washer. The first time I wrote on it the ink stayed on the build up gunk. Then I cleaned it all off. The second time it went straight on the top and apparently soaked in! I can't get it off yet. Same marker, same spot.

Total cost: $0

Total time: 20 minutes if you add in the attempted clean up. (plus one hour soak)

Final verdict: I thought I was smart and clever, but I guess I won't be trying this one again. I'll have to stick to post-it notes. Although, any brown and green sweaters may be safe for life around here.


  1. Have you tried Goof-Off? Smells terrible, but works like a charm.

  2. You can get this off really quickly with either fingernail polish remover or a Magic Eraser. It's stuck on because you used a damp cloth to wipe it off instead of a dry one. Learned this lesson while I was teaching kindergarten and used a damp cloth to clean my dry erase board and had marker "stuck" on the entire thing...frustrating!