Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Easy ways to surprise and delight your children--that don't cost money!

I actually took this pin from the comment section of this post, but it fits right in as if it were part of the list anyway.

The commenter in the post surprised her son with a birthday cake no where near his birthday because that is what he wished for on his dandelion wish. I don't know many kids that love to play "happy birthday" more than my little W so he probably would have played real nice with her boy. I started this over the summer--surprising him with a birthday cake lunch!

W and I were feeling pretty lonely this week since big L is off to kindergarten and his preschool hadn't started yet. Everyday we were looking for fun things to cheer us up. So I whipped up his birthday cake lunch, sang a rousing round of happy birthday, and presented it to him.

bread, deli turkey, and veggie straw "candles"

I imagine his flames look something like this artist's rendition

So excited listening to me sing happy birthday to him!

Aaaannnnddd he blows out the candles! Yay!
Total cost: $0

Total time: 2 minutes

Final verdict: Why wouldn't you want to bring a smile like that?? He loves this game and it's so easy. What a fun way to surprise your kiddos and make lunch fun.

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