Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Where have you been?? Where have I been? I'll tell you where--I took the 300/30 day ab challenge.

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http://www.lifeafteridew.com/2012/05/300-ab-challenge-results.html which is a link to http://kayciesantics.blogspot.com/2012/03/300-ultimate-ab-and-core-challenge_22.html which is the workout from another link taken from another blog and another. . . I don't know how far it goes. I followed the directions on the second link.

I can't believe I am actually posting pictures of myself like this on the internet. I am a little embarrassed so don't say anything too harsh about it, okay?

I don't consider myself to be totally out of shape, but I have never really had any core strength. Having two children pretty much ruins that for you. Here is my before shots, I had to soften them up a little bit to be brave enough to post them to the world. . .

Don't look at my misshapen belly button. :)
And then I started the challenge. It is 300 ab exercise moves daily for 30 days. Check out the links above if you want to see what exercises they are. From reading the comments on the above blogs it seems that these exercises are very similar to P90X--which I have never done so I can't really say.

I started this August 1st. I also did at least 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times per week and ate a healthy diet.  I started out with a yoga mat on the floor. I couldn't do them all without assistance so I took my time--however long it took to get all 300 in.  Here is the journal I kept during this experience:

Day one: It took me one hour to complete the entire routine. Tough, but not impossible.

Day two: Finished in 25 minutes with the kids acting like maniacs all around. My tailbone is sore so I padded the mat with a folded towel.

Day three: OUCH. Hard. 25 minutes to complete. My tailbone is raw. I can't stand up straight because my inner hips are so sore. People are telling me to quit. I looked at the other links and many people commented that day four is the worst then it gets better.

Day four:  SO MUCH BETTER! i started feeling better early this morning. I padded the floor well. Exercises are getting significantly easier. Even did a few of the roll up-v-ups full out. But my tailbone is BLEEDING!!!! (That's an official pinjury.)

Day five: Bought some friction block for my tailbone. Using lots of padding on the floor. My tailbone is still sore, but not bleeding.  Exercises getting easier but it still took a long time because I keep watching those Olympic gymnasts. 

Day six & seven:  Continuing to get easier. Lots of padding but no more bleeding.

Day eight: Right flank felt tight when I started and then shooting pain when I started the wide leg sit-ups.  Couldn't go on without fear of injury.  Warm soak and icy hot. Don't know why I am not warming up before this. I should warm up and stretch first. 

Day nine: Warmed up with 2 mile run and some good stretching.  A little scared about how this is going to go. Started smooth, skipped all the hard ones for the end.  Made it through 23 roll up-v-ups before starting to have some pain.  So I did everything but the wide leg sit ups.  Pretty respectable. Will rest and icy hot and try again tomorrow.

Day ten: Well warmed up. Changed up the order again. Only made 15 roll up-v ups before pain and quitting.  Feel good though. Taking it slow and easy.

Day twelve:  Did all wide leg sit ups and roll up-v ups at the end of the workout. No pain!!

Day fourteen: Did full work out in original order. Did all exercises with no assistance (i.e., using furniture to help me keep my feet/legs down). Getting close to completing in 20 minutes. Warming up with jumping jacks and stretches. Stretching between exercises.

And it just got easier from there! By day 30 I was doing the full sequence in 15-20 minutes including my warm up. I used the friction block every day and my mountain of padding:

I don't know why the other posts don't mention warming up. This is a strenuous workout (well for me at least) and you SHOULD warm up first. Unless I had just finished my cardio then I did a warm up of 25 jumping jacks. I always stretched first doing some side bends, forward folds, and some cat/cow stretches. One post said to not do it after your workout because it will be harder, but I always found it much easier to do after a workout.

It works a lot in your thighs as well as your abs so don't be surprised if you feel it there too!

Here are the shots you are dying to see. . .the afters:

Still not ready to show the world that belly button one of those boys distorted.

I still have a ways to go, but I have never had definition like this before. I am proud of myself for sticking with it even though I had people telling me to quit at day three. Look at what I can do! I would like to continue to do core work but I don't think I want to keep doing this one every day. My tailbone might just turn gangrenous and fall off. I really slimmed down in my love handles too.

Total cost: $5.26 for friction block

Total time: 20 minutes-1 hour daily. I can totally whip this out now. By week 2 I was pretty proficient at it.

Final verdict: It feels like such an accomplishment to have completed it. It is amazing what we can make our bodies do. I would definitely recommend doing some sort of warm up and stretching before starting each time. Looking to change up the routine. What core routine do you like?


  1. You look great Liz - SO PROUD OF YOU!!! My husband and I did this the month before our anniversary (30th day ending on anniversary day July 13) The first 3-4 days were SO hard! But we felt amazing finishing!!!

  2. Oh wow!!! This makes me want to try it! You had great results!

  3. I started this 2 days ago, so today is day 3 and OMG IM SO SORE! I cant even do the sit ups correctly yet haha. Love it! Not only are my abs super sore (and I mean SUPER SORE) but so is my butt, hips and thigh area as well! I think this will show great results :)