Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Use an apple slicer to quickly cut up potatoes for mashed potatoes or fries.

Like so many times before, (when will I ever learn??) I did the pin BEFORE actually reading the link.

I was making some of my favorite crock pot baked potato soup last week and decided to use this trick to cut the potatoes faster. I had already enlisted my favorite potato peeler--because he is the fastest around. So when it came time to cut these bad boys up, he had to pitch in as well. Because I didn't read the link first, we went at the whole potato and for me it was pretty much impossible. But Mr. Muscles who lives here and is really fast at peeling potatoes is also pretty fast at cutting potatoes with my apple slicer.

Step one.

Step two
I decided to get all smart so I could get in on this potato cutting action and decided to cut the potato in half first. I was able to use the apple slicer on the half potatoes without too much difficulty. The original link actually does say to cut the potato in half first.

So I tossed all the potato chunks into the crock pot and cooked as normal. Mr. Muscles wanted the potato soup a little chunky so I didn't mash the potatoes all the way at the end. The big circle piece that is the "core" from the apple corer was a weird size and shape to have chunky in the soup. The original link actually says for mashed potatoes, which would be fine because you would smash all the weird shapes away.

Total cost: $0

Total time: 1 minute or less

Final verdict: I won't use this again for soup, and I think fries would be too large and a core shaped fry might be weird. But for mashed potatoes it would be great. Cutting them in half first definitely made them easier to cut and as a bonus they then stood flat on the cutting board. The pieces aren't uniformly sized however. Clever little trick, but in the long run, I don't know that it would really save that much time.

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