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This pinned picture is linked to http://www.belleamour.co.uk/2011/03/crocheted-love/ but the actual tutorial lives over here: http://saltforthespirit.blogspot.com/2009/02/itty-bitty-crochet-heart-tutorial.html

One of the local craft stores was having a sale on yarn a few weeks ago. I was drawn to the colors in this yarn and picked up the whole skein for $1. I decided I needed to do something Valentine-y with it. I decided to crochet up a little Valentine decor. Using the little heart tutorial I started by making a bunch of little hearts. I played around a lot with the basic pattern and tried bigger and smaller hearts. Some of those worked out, but others didn't. I ended up with 13 finished hearts. I made some crochet lace on the fly. I first made a chain long enough to drape along my mantle. Then I did a (sc, ch2, skip 1 ch, sc) all the way down the length of the chain. When I got to the end, I turned and did (sc, ch3, sc) in each space made in the previous row.  I whipped up four little tassels to use to tack up my chain.

my little tassel
I tacked the chain and tassels up on the mantle and gathered all my hearts. They were a little spread out because I had been making them randomly throughout last week.

Most of them did not lay flat. I decided to iron them flat so that they would look like hearts as they hung from my garland.

The heart on the left is before ironing and the heart on the right is after ironing.

All the hearts after ironing

All that was left was to get them up on the garland. I tied them up there, each a little differently. No pattern or measuring done.

Total cost: $1
Total time: Once I had the hearts figured out, I could make them fairly quickly--ten minutes each, maybe. The garland lace took the longest. All together I probably spent around 6 hours crocheting and assembling the garland.
Final verdict: I like it. It feels festive and I just love the color combo of the yarn. I have never decorated for Valentine's Day in my house, but this may just be catching. 

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