Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pin 200: Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie

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What better way to celebrate my 200th pin milestone than with a warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie??? Prudent Baby shared this recipe for making a single cookie in the microwave. I scribbled down the recipe on a post-it note and went to work.

My microwave is nothing fancy. Honestly, it is something very cheap and a little sad. A repairman once called it "a builder grade piece of junk." It has a giant crack across the front plastic but works well enough for now. All that being said, it took much, much longer to soften my butter than described in the original recipe. I would just advise you to check and make sure your butter is, in fact, softened before you continue to add ingredients. Minutes later I had stirred up this concoction in my mug.
I poured it onto my plate and popped it in the microwave for the instructed 45 seconds. Now, I know I said my microwave was a piece of junk, but this surprised me. It was so liquid that I didn't feel any amount of time would firm it up.
That is really, really sad looking.
I thought it must need more flour, or less liquid, or hmmmm. . .  I looked at my little post-it scribble and went back to the computer to discover. . . AHA! I wrote tsp instead of TBSP when it came to the flour. I scrapped the first one and started over. My second batch looked much less liquid and more like cookie dough.
I plopped this on the plate and put it in the microwave. 45 seconds later, while not completely done, it was looking more cookie-like than version one.
It is kind of hard to see in this picture, but the middle top was baked-looking and the edges and bottom were very raw looking. I put it back in for as long as it took to look consistently baked through. In all, it took about 1 & 1/2 minutes to achieve this beauty.
It looks so good in the picture it is making my mouth water. And it was good! It was very hot and melty so I ate it with a spoon. MMMMMmmmmm.

Total cost: $0 I had everything on hand.

Total time: 10 minutes for the first flop. The second one was more like 5 minutes. It took a bit to gather all the ingredients. The second time, I had some of them out already. Plus I had some of the recipe memorized. One more batch and I won't even need that old post-it scribble.

Final verdict: It was great in a pinch and great for a single serving. It was no match for fresh, oven-baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. I definitely don't need a whole batch though. It squelched a craving quite nicely. As it cooled to room temperature, it wasn't as delicious, so I would recommend that you eat it while still warm. I would also recommend a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream (BlueBell if you've got it!)

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