Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pin 194: Root Beer Crock Pot Roast

Original pin:

Last week while I was home with sick kiddos I needed an easy, no fuss dinner. Anything in the slow cooker sounded awesome.  My friend recommended this pin of Root Beer Crockpot Roast to me last week.  I popped this in the crock pot around noon and flipped it on. I did have some errands to run and kids to shuffle so we went on about our day.

It was kind of pretty with all the root beer fizz bubbling up around it. Just smelling the root beer made me thirsty!

So I took those really awesome "before" pictures, and then life happened. I'll spare you all the gruesome details, but this pin will have to be reviewed by the boys who where actually at the house for dinner. While I was sneaking cheese-its in the emergency room with a sick child, the healthy ones were at home eating every last bite of this. Every. Last. Bite.

Not only do I have no after photos for you, but I didn't even get a taste! I'm glad they enjoyed it, and by the time we did get home, I wasn't much hungry any more. Their review will have to suffice. Their official statement: "Yeah, it was real good."

Total cost: $10 for a medium roast and a couple root beers

Total time: Prep was done in minutes. I actually cheated a little and just rubbed some Lawry's seasoned salt on the roast. It cooked for about 7 hours.

Final verdict: Since it is completely gone, I am going to interpret that it was delicious. It got two thumbs up from my friend as well. Sometimes you can't beat the convenience of the slow cooker. Otherwise those boys would have been eating cracker crumbs and string cheese for dinner. I guess I'm going to have to try this one again for myself! And maybe make a few potatoes and vegetables to go along side. (I'm not really sure what those boys ate with it. . . possibly nothing. That might give a little insight into why they ate so much.)

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