Friday, May 23, 2014

I have a secret. . .

It has been nine months since my last post, and even before then it was getting a little erratic. I can explain it. . .

I was nauseous. And tired. And huge.

Pinspiration was something I did in the time after my kids went to bed. Now all I wanted to do after my kids went to bed was eat a bowl of Bluebell as big as my head and pass out in the recliner as quickly as possible. So I did.

But, come St. Patrick's Day, I was done with all that business.

After almost 41 weeks on team green, we welcomed our third beautiful, bouncing, (BIG) baby boy. I spent all of 20 minutes in labor to deliver him.  Twenty painful, unmedicated, hard minutes in labor to deliver this 10 lb 2 oz miracle. He broke his collar bone and I broke my tailbone in the process.

We are both healing up now and I have been thinking about Pinspiration a lot lately--not that I really have ANY time to do some pins, but just that I miss it and I miss y'all. So I wanted to stop in and say hi and thank you to the people out there who have sent me sweet messages telling me they miss the blog. I do too!!

I'm going to do my best to get back to it this summer, although there will definitely NOT be five pins a week at this point. I do have some baby lessons to share. Funny, its my third AND I am a professional baby carer (NICU Nurse) and I am still learning new tips and tricks with this one.

One of my friends once told me something about her third child that really stuck with me. She said that the third time around, she finally threw out everyone's advice and did everything the way SHE wanted to do it, from pregnancy, to labor, to newborn care, and it was the best thing she ever did. I chose to do that too, but that's for another post because I have a lot to say about that!

Thanks for sticking with me through this. Love and miss! xoxo lizzy