Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Tomato Tortellini soup. Two of my family's favorites (tomato soup and tortellini) in one dish. Sounds like a winner.

I really was hesitant to use the canned condensed tomato soup for this recipe only because I have a really, really great tomato soup that I love to make from scratch that isn't difficult at all. But I was decided against it because it was planned for dinner on a night when we are usually crazy busy and I figured it would be a good time saver.  Condensed tomato soup isn't the worst short cut to feed my family.

I had to work tonight so I needed a recipe that was easy to toss together and travels and reheats well. Soups usually fit that bill.  I started the pasta boiling and mixed together all the other ingredients.

Mine was much more pink in color than in the original pin picture. I also did not have any sun dried tomatoes so I substituted a can of diced tomatoes. I love tomatoes. I eat tomatoes every day in one form or another. Next time, I would probably add in more tomatoes--maybe even up to three cans. I'll have to take baby steps because not everyone in my family would care for quite as many tomato bites as I do.  Because I was working, kitchen clean-up duty was going to be up to my husband. He passed by the kitchen and saw this:
"Oh, great. Two big pots to wash." Yes darling, but ONLY two pots to wash! This is seriously the only dishes required to make this complete dinner! I can mess up a kitchen with prep work quite nicely. I thought two pots to wash would be a breeze.

Less than 30 minutes later, I was ladling up my to-go bowl of soup.
Mine was almost pink in color, but maybe that has to do with the brand of condensed tomato soup used. Regardless, it was creamy and delicious and filling! I could barely finish this bowl! I had some homemade bread in the freezer that I warmed up in the oven to go along side. The little boys were unimpressed. The non-eater licked the butter off his bread and went back to playing. The eater was upset that his tortellini was mixed in his soup, but was willing to overlook that a little. He had a few bites, said it was good, and ran off to play with his brother.

Total cost: around $10 for a big pot of soup--easily 8-10 servings

Total time: 20 minutes

Final verdict: My husband and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised at how filling it was--I guess it is all that cream and milk in it. This one will definitely go in the rotation. It is a really easy, fast, busy-weeknight type dinner. I just may have to try tortellini in my own tomato soup and see if it is as good.

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  1. This looks so good! I'm going to try it!!